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How to Shop Smart in the Sales

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

successful sales shopping tips

We all want to know how to save money on clothes shopping and the sales are a great place to start. However it’s so easy to be lured in by the promise of huge reductions and end up wasting money on clothes you will never wear rather than actually saving money.

Here’s a personal stylist’s guide on how to be a super savvy sales shopper. Follow my five tips for clothes shopping in the sales to ensure you come out on top with clothes you love.

Does it Fit?

What I mean by this is does it fit perfectly? Do the shoulder seams sit where they should?

Is it the right length in the body, sleeves and leg? Fit is so important in clothes and even the most expensive item of clothing can look cheap if it doesn’t fit properly. It can also add pounds to you and no body wants that. If the item is slightly too big and you are prepared to take it to a tailor then that’s a totally different matter. Alterations like this are worth the investment to have an item of clothing that fits you perfectly. However, if it’s something you need to loose weight to get into then leave it behind, nothing haunts you like a having a section of your wardrobe that’s too small for you.

Do you love it?

Do you really truly love this item of clothing or is it more of an ‘it will do item’. Do you also love it for the right reasons such as it makes you look and feel good, or do you love it because its reduced and you saw it on someone on instagram and they looked great in it. You have to ask yourself, would you still have wanted this item even if it was full price or has it just come onto your radar because its on sale? If it truly makes you happy and then even happier because its reduced then it’s fate, it was obviously meant to be.

Does it flatter you?

Is it the right colour for your skin tone? Does it flatter your body shape and give you a great silhouette? Does it make you feel and look amazing? One of my changing rooms tricks is to take a selfie with the phone covering my face. That way I can look at myself objectively and how that item of clothing works on my body shape and the silhouette it gives me. If it makes you feel amazing and confident when you wear it then go for it.

Can you think of at least 10 different ways to style it?

Ten sounds like a lot I know. I like my client’s wardrobes to work hard for them and I truly believe that if you buy well you pay less in the long run. Try and think of all the different ways you could style it. Can you wear it across the seasons? Can you dress it up and down? A true investment is a piece that is versatile and works with what you already have.

Is it your normal brand?

If it’s a brand or shop you are familiar with you will be used to their sizing, style and fit and also know that this brand suits your personal style. Or it might be a brand that you lust after or an item you have been coveting for ages but it’s been out of your normal price range. If so and you have asked yourself all the above questions then head for that checkout. However, if it’s a totally new brand to you then do some research about the brand and just be honest with yourself and think about if it’s your normal style or are you just being lured in by the fact it's half price.

So elbows at the ready, you are now fully informed on how to shop the sales. Remember it’s only a bargain if you actually wear it and by wearing it I mean more than once.

Happy shopping!

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