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Personal Stylist | Style by KPA | Hertfordshire | London


Before becoming a Personal Stylist, I spent 24 years working in the Early Years sector. In particular, working with disadvantaged children. Working with children and adults alike who need my help has always been the driving force behind what I have done and where my passion lies.

I used to manage large teams in day nurseries acting as both a leader & mentor to the staff. Having reached middle management and gaining vast experience managing 9 day nurseries I found that my confidence was helped by wearing stylish corporate/office wear every day. I soon realised that style isn't just about the clothes you wear, it's about how your clothes make you feel when wearing them.

What led me to styling...

Following the birth of my daughter; big changes happened which knocked my confidence. Firstly, I didn’t go back to work which was a huge life change and I put on 4.5st; suddenly I didn’t recognise myself. Without the management job and opportunity to dress up for work every day, I lost my style mojo and as the saying goes, got stuck in a rut wearing the same clothes day after day.


I was still buying clothes as I didn’t lose my love for shopping but I found that I didn’t have the confidence to style and wear them.

I decided to take back some control in order to get my confidence back and gave myself a challenge to post on Instagram daily about what I was wearing and how I was styling it. This was my bid to get me out of my rut! My Instagram account started to grow and all of a sudden I was beginning to work with fashion brands and instinctively knew where my path was taking me.

Personal Stylist | Style by KPA | Hertfordshire | London
My passion...

The change of career into the world of Personal Styling was inspired by not only my love of fashion and style but, importantly, the desire to help others who feel like they've lost a little bit of themselves at whatever stage in their lives. My passion is not just for clothes and style but making people feel good about themselves.

Style by KPA is not about fast fashion, nor high fashion; it’s about finding your personal style and what works for you. My services are for all women who quite often, for whatever reason don’t recognise themselves and like my own experience have lost their style mojo; or those that just hate shopping and need my help!



Personal Styling Diploma, London College of Style


Advanced Colour Analysis, London College of Style


Fashion Sustainability Certificate, London College of Style


Makeup Application Certificate, The London School of Beauty and Makeup


BA Hons Early Childhood Studies


Early Years Professional Status

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