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How to Shop Smart on Vinted

Vinted is having a moment and there's no doubt that it's a great platform for finding second hand clothing and accessories at bargain prices but it's not always as straight forward as it looks.

Recently I’ve been buying more and more pre-loved clothing from Vinted, there’s more of a buzz for me when I find something at a fraction of the original price, not forgetting that it's better for the planet too. However, I have made lots of mistakes along the way. Some have been expensive mistakes too (a Farm Rio dress that looked like a dish cloth to name just one) so here are my top tips that I’ve learnt through my own mistakes buying on Vinted.


Take a really good look at who you are buying from. Check their ratings and read their reviews and also take a look at how long they have been selling for on Vinted. All these factors indicate a credible seller.


Make sure the photos are clear and show all angles of the item. I particularly look for the brand label and also the sizing label, that way I know it's genuine. Read the description and check all the details including defects.


Double-check the sizing with the seller. Sites like Vinted refer to a 10 as a medium and 12 as a large this can lead to confusion so make sure you check the photos for the size label or just ask. I also check if it's true to size as one brands 10 is another brands 14.

You can also check the listing or ask for measurements. I usually ask for pit-to-pit or shoulder-to-hem measurements, just think about where you struggle with fitting when you buy clothes.


Compare the item you are interested in with other similar items online, that way you know you are paying a fair price. Look out for bundle discounts, some sellers offer 10-15% off if you buy more than one item. Don’t be afraid to make a cheeky offer, it can only get declined! 


Make sure you familiarise yourself with Vinted's return policy (I learnt this the hard way) If you receive something and it’s not as described you only have 48 hours to raise this and ask for a refund. After those 48 hours, it’s virtually impossible to raise a concern. However you can only really return items if they are faulty or not as described. It's up to the goodwill of the seller if they let you return something becaise it doesn't fit.

Long term you can follow your favourite brands or sellers, that way you get notifications when things are loaded and can be the first to grab a bargain.

There's some great deals to be had out there and it gets quite addictive once you've found that first great deal. One thing it does take though is a lot of scrolling and a lot of patience!

Happy pre-loved shopping!

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