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How to Organise Your Wardrobe

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

how to organise your wardrobe

There’s something about the start of a new year that motivates us to have a good old clear out and get organised for the year ahead and a great place to start is your wardrobe.

Having a wardrobe clear out can be liberating, it will leave you with a tidy capsule wardrobe of things you love plus you will know where everything is. However, it can also seem like a mammoth task if you don’t know where to start so follow my personal stylist's five top tips to help you de-clutter and organise your wardrobe effectively.

Assess Your Clothes

Go through each and every item of clothing that you own and ask yourself the following questions; Do you love it? Does it fit? Does it flatter you? If you answered ‘yes’ to all of these then it’s a keeper. If it’s a ‘no’ to any of them consider if you want to keep it. Any unwanted clothing can be sold on ebay, donated to friends or charity. This way your wardrobe will only be full of items that you love and actually wear, making it easier to get dressed in the mornings.

Space Saving Hangers

Invest in some velvet space saving hangers, these will transform your wardrobe into a beautiful organised space. Not only do they save space allowing you to hang more items into a small wardrobe, they also prevent items from slipping off and prevent unwanted wrinkles and creases in your clothes.

Organise Your Clothes

Sort your clothes into type such as skirts, dresses, shirts etc and keep them together in sections in your wardrobe. Then within these types organsie your clothes into colours. This will make your clothes easier to see and it will help you when putting outfits together, plus you will know exactly where everything is and you will be able to identify any gaps in your wardrobe.

Store Your Shoes and Bags Carefully

For me shoes and bags are investment pieces and need to be looked after. I like to stuff some of my bags with tissue paper so that they don’t lose their shape. Sort your bags into size and type for example, I keep all my evening clutches together and what I call my ‘mum bags’ in a different section. If you have the space, store your bags upright so they don’t get flattened. If not hang them on hooks or pegs inside your wardrobe. As for shoes, try not to keep them loose at the bottom of your wardrobe. Invest in some stacking storage where each pair has its own section so that they don’t get squashed. Store long boots upright so they don’t lose their shape. I keep mine upright by using cut up swim noodles in them, that way they don’t sag at the ankles next time I put them on.

Sort Your Accessories

Accessories can take an outfit from good to wow. You need to be able to see your accessories so that you know what you have and don’t forget to use them, this will also help you match your accessories to your outfits. Simple hooks inside a wardrobe door can be a great way to hang belts. If you have lots of scarves invest in a scarf hanger so that they can hang and not get creased. Baskets can also be a great way to keep smaller pieces likes bangles or sunglasses tidy and easy to reach.

So there are my five tips to help you achieve a tidy wardrobe in 2024. Alternatively if all this still sounds like a mammoth task you can book me to come and do it for you. I will refresh your wardrobe and create new and exciting looks for you out of your existing clothes, giving you expert style tips along the way.

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