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How To Maximise Space In Your Wardrobe

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Sadly we don't all have huge walk in wardrobes like the Kardashians, many of us struggle for wardrobe space. It can feel quite frustrating going to your wardrobe and not being able to see anything, your clothes are getting squashed and crumpled and you often forget what you even have in there as everything is so jam packed. Sound familiar?

The good news is you can have both a small and an organised wardrobe. You just need to be smart with the space you have. Here are some fabulous wardrobe storage hacks that will help you increase space in your wardrobe. Over my time editing clients wardrobes I've seen some great storage solutions for small wardrobes, I will share with you best ones so that you can start to organise your own wardrobe and create a feeling of space.


First thing is to detox your wardrobe. Don't waste space in your wardrobe for things that you don't love or make you feel amazing. So be completely honest and ask yourself the following questions about each item of clothing:

Do I love it?

Does it fit?

Does it flatter my body shape and suit my colouring?

Does it suit my lifestyle and style personality?


Now that you have streamlined your wardrobe it's time to find some hanging solutions that will save you space. Invest in some velvet space saving hangers, they do live up to their claim and save you space. Multi level or tiered coat hangers are also a great idea. You can hang multiple jeans or even skirts on the same hangers. Don't be tempted to put more items on than you have tiers, you need to be able to see what you have in your wardrobe and this will only hide things. For items such as shirts and blouses you can purchase space saving or magic hooks that enables you to link multiple shirts vertically onto one hanger freeing up more space on the rail.


One of the hardest things with a small wardrobe can be finding things. Getting dressed and outfit planning is so much easier if you can see what you have to play with. Store your clothes in sections for example put all the jeans together and all your dresses together. Within these sections I then organise my clothes by colour. That way if I'm looking for a red top I know exactly where to look for it. Don't be tempted to section your clothes into work and play. with our lifestyles having changed so much in the last 2 years there's a possibility that clothes will be overlooked. A top you save for work can easily be teamed with jeans at the weekend and formal trousers look fab with trainers, make your wardrobe work hard for you.


With a small wardrobe you want to make sure you utilise every tiny amount of space you have and use every single nook and cranny. If you have lots of short items that need hanging consider if you can get another rail fitted underneath the one you have. If you have more items that need folding look at adding a set of internal drawers into your wardrobe. You can also get stackable transparent drawers that will nicely sit on the bottom of your wardrobe too. Transparent containers are a great idea as then you can see what's in them, if items are out of sight they often remain unworn. If you need more shelf space and have spare hanging space than you need you can slot in some hanging shelves. If you have accessories for special occasions such as hats that you don't use that often you can get some beautiful storage baskets to sit on top of your wardrobe. That way these don't take up valuable space in your wardrobe.


A great way to maximise space in drawers for mid size items is the good old 'roll'. If you roll clothes and store them upright you are using every drawer space available and you can also see what you have. Another method is the file folding where you fold them into small squares and they stand up in the drawer like little parcels, same benefits as rolling but you might find one works better than the other for the space/shape or your drawers. If you have smaller items in drawers and it all usually ends up in one big jumble then look at drawer dividers that way you can section things off and know where to find them. If you find your shelves are all a bit jumbled too then try shelf dividers. This enables you to keep them in neat piles and also stack the piles higher and they shouldn't all tumble down on you when you take one out.


Your accessories need to be accessible. Accessories are what make an outfit, they are what takes it from good to wow and if you can't see them, you won't use them. Instead of shoving them in drawers where they can't be seen consider how you can use the flat spaces in your wardrobe to hang things, this will also free up drawer space. Look for spaces in your wardrobe where you can put hooks to hang bags, scarves or belts. You can also get clever hanging solutions for scarves where you can put multiple scarves on one hanger depending on if you need then to hang vertically or horizontally. If you are creative alternatively you can make a peg rail for scarves like the one pictured below. And the same for belts, you can purchase a hanger for multiple belts to keep them organised.


Jewellery stored in drawers can often get tangled. How many times have you tried to get ready, know exactly what necklace you want to wear but have had to spend five minutes untangling it. Necklaces are better hung up. If you have space in your bedroom you can get some great freestanding mirrors that also double up as a lockable jewellery cabinet with plenty of space for all types of jewellery. If you are feeling creative you can make a jewellery frame like in the photo below and this can stand on a shelf or chest of drawers or even be hung on the wall.


Please please please don't just store your shoes loose at the bottom of your wardrobe, they will get squashed and damaged. Shoes deserve to be looked after. If you keep them in their original boxes just make sure you can see the labels so you know what's in each box. To create more space there are loads of shoe storage solutions. Depending on the size and shape of your wardrobe you can get a standing shoe cube, hanging shoe storage that can either hang in your wardrobe or on the inside of the wardrobe door. You can get shoe stackers that enable you to store pairs of shoes together on top of each other so you are never scrambling for the other half or a pair, or if you can, you can have a rail fitted at the bottom of your wardrobe enable you to stack them higher.

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