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Winter colours are dramatic deep gem tones that create a stunning look. You also have the neutrals of black and white in your palette that compliment them beautifully. 


Winter personalities tend to be introverts, they are natural perfectionists and strive to achieve high standards. They are very loyal friends but will often wait for people to approach them rather than approach others. Winters can be self conscious and it matters to them what others think. They are usually creative and enjoy making things with their hands. Winters are good listeners, dependable and honest. 


Your cool skin tone best suits silver, white gold and platinum jewellery, especially when it’s worn close to the face. Diamonds, emeralds, crystal and sapphire all look stunning on you. Minimalist styles will suit you best and create a classic look.


If you colour your hair go for a dye with a cool purple undertone, never go for a warm base this will clash with the cool undertone of your skin. 


Choose accessories that are black, these will match your winter colours perfectly. White and silver will also work and zebra print will look striking against the winter palette. Scarves in the winter colours with a striking or dramatic print will look amazing on you. 


Stick to foundation with a cool blue or pink undertone. This will compliment your skin perfectly. Stay away from yellow or brown base as these will clash with the cool undertones of your skin. 


Blushers can be shades of pink or pink/blue this will give you a healthy look. The darker the skin the deeper the colour. 


For eye make up black mascara and eyeliner is perfect and it will beautifully frame your dark eyes. Grey can also work and some people prefer grey as they get older. All shades of blue eyeshadow will be striking, pinks and purples will also look good. A smoky eye can be created with a grey for an evening look and silver also looks amazing against your dark features.


Highlighters are best in shades of pale pink or white. Again always with a cool base not warm. 


Lips can can be strong pinks and cool reds, these will look stunning. See your colour fan for inspiration just keep away from the warm shades. Chose a strength and shade that suits your features and personality.


  • Wear all other colours as much as you like on the lower half of your body. Just try not to wear it near to your face such as polo necks and crew necks. 

  • If you wear a non-winter colour on top wear it in a scoop or v-neck so that your natural skin tone will reflect up against your face maintaining your natural glow. 

  • Wear make up in the tones that flatter your skin, this will help to distract from any shadows that warm colours might throw onto your face. A pop of colour on the lips or eyes can make a huge difference. 

  • Wear scarves in your winter colours close to your face and over the top of clothes that don't feature in your winter palette to brighten up your skin and give you that youthful glow. 

  • Wear silver jewellery over the top of a non-winter item, such as a statement necklace so this helps to stop the warm colours reflecting upon your face. 

  • If you are wearing a jacket in a non-winter colour make sure you put on a top in one of your winter colours to break it up. 

  • If you want to still wear your favourite dress that's not in a winter colour pop a jacket, blazer or pashmina over the top in a winter colour to distract from it. It can also give an old faithful dress an instant update.

If you do have a lot of colours in your existing wardrobe that aren't in your winter palette the good news is you can still wear them. The trick is knowing how to wear them so that you can keep the healthy glow that your winter colours give you. 

Most importantly have fun trying out all the colours in your winter palette. Remember you can mix any of the colours together they all compliment each other perfectly and enjoy all those compliments that start coming your way. 

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