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Petite ladies can sometimes find shopping for clothes a bit of a battle. The most important thing is to find clothes that fit you and don't swamp your small frame. The tips below will work in addition to your body shape information and will help you to dress with confidence. 

  • Wearing an outfit in one colour will elongate the body such as a dress, a matching top and bottoms or tonal dressing where you wear separates but in the same colour. This all plays a trick on the eyes to create an illusion of length. 


  • Wearing shoes that match the bottom half of your outfit will also create a lengthening illusion and make your legs look longer. 


  • Shoes with pointy toes also create an illusion of length in the leg. 


  • Dark colours will make an area look smaller and light colours will make an area bigger so think about the placement of colour of the body and be careful  to balance your proportions. Your body shape information will help with this. 


  • Vertical stripes will create an illusion of length this will work with any patterns, ribbing and details such as pin tucks. You can play with patterns and seams cleverly to add length to your legs and/or torso.​


  • Keep your bottoms high waisted as this will create the illusion of longer legs. Showing off your waist in that way will also balance your proportions. 


  • Try to keep your accessories small not to overpower your frame. 


  • Avoid wide leg trousers that will drown your tiny frame. 


  • Add neat layers such as a blazer over a shirt, try not to to add bulky layers that will be too overpowering. 


  • Shirt that end at the elbow will add length to the arms. 


  • Keep prints small such as ditsy flowers, small polka dots and narrow stripes. Large prints will overpower your small frame. 


  • Stick with ankle boots that will lengthen the legs, avoid knee highs which will cut your legs off below the knee making them look shorter. 

All petite bodies are different so some of these tricks might not work for you based on your body shape. Always refer to your body shape information first and then use these tricks in addition. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions - Karen xx 

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