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Summer colours are beautiful soft pastels. They are light colours that instantly make you think of a summer meadow. 


Summer personalities tend to be softly spoken but listen very carefully to others. They often have low energy and are driven by will power instead. They are precise but they never give up on a project. They are very diplomatic and friends often turn to them in times of trouble. Summers do not enjoy conflict and will avoid it at all costs. They are dependable, practical, efficient and neat. 


Your cool skin tone best suits jewellery in platinum or white gold. Rose gold will also look gorgeous on you. Pearls will look stunning on you as will stones in pastel colours. Small and feminine jewellery will look best, unless you are tall then go with jewellery to suit your frame. 


If you colour your hair avoid warm highlights. Go for cool ash tones that will compliment your cool skin tone. 


Shoes and bags look really good in silver, grey and blue. Keep away from black but navy will work. If you want to use brown choose a shade that is not too warm, preferably with a yellow base not red/orange. Pastel scarves with delicate feminine patterns will look beautiful up close to your face. 


Stick to foundation with a cool blue or pink/rose base. This will compliment your skin perfectly. Stay away from yellow or a brown base as these will clash with the cool undertones of your skin. 


Blusher is perfect in a soft rose shade, anything stronger will overpower your gorgeous complexion. 


Eyeshadows can be soft shades of pink, lavender, blue and muted greys. Silver will look stunning too particularly for an evening look. Softer shades of brown and grey will work for mascara and eyeliner. Black will only work if you have really dark hair. 


Highlighters work well in shades of soft pink and cream. Silver will also work for an evening look. 


Lipsticks work better in cool muted tones. Bold colours may overpower your delicate colouring. Pinks look so pretty in shades of raspberry and you may find that you prefer the more subtle colours of lip gloss as opposed to lipstick. If you are feeling brave a bright cool pink will create a stunning evening look.


  • Wear black as much as you like on the lower half of your body. Black worn like this can have a slimming effect. Just try not to wear it near to your face such as polo necks and crew necks. 

  • If you wear black on top wear it in a scoop or v-neck so that your natural skin tone will reflect up against your face maintaining your natural glow. 

  • Wear make up in the tones that flatter your skin, this will help to distract from any shadows that black might throw onto your face. A pop of colour on the lips or eyes can make a huge difference. 

  • Wear scarves in your summer colours over the top of black clothes and close to your face to brighten up your skin and give you that youthful glow. 

  • Wear white gold jewellery or pearls over the top of the black item, such as a statement necklace so this helps to stop the black reflecting upon your face. 

  • If you are wearing a black jacket make sure you put on a top in one of your summer colours to break it up. 

  • If you want to still wear your favourite LBD pop a jacket, blazer or pashmina over the top in a summer colour to distract from the black. It can also give an old faithful dress an instant update.

If you do have a lot of black in your existing wardrobe or colours that aren't in your summer palette the good news is you can still wear them. The trick is knowing how to wear them so that you can keep the healthy glow that your summer colours give you. 

Most importantly have fun trying out all the colours in your summer palette. Remember you can mix any of the colours together they all compliment each other perfectly and enjoy all those compliments that start coming your way. 

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