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Strawberry shaped bodies generally take a smaller size on bottom, meaning the bottom half of your body will be be narrower than the top half. You will have a fuller bust, narrow hips and bottom and a gorgeous narrow waist. 

Very few of us have a naturally proportioned shape but with clever dressing and by following the tips below you will create the illusion of proportion enabling you to dress with confidence. 

You want to create an illusion of balance by defining and lifting your bust line. Then add volume and structure to your bottom half with colour prints, patterns, frills and pleats 


One of the first rules of styling is that dark colours have a slimming effect and lighter colours add volume so try and stick to the formula of darker or muted colours on top and brighter or lighter colours on the bottom. 



Dresses that add detail and volume below the waistline are perfect for you, choose ones that glide over your hips. Shirt dresses that define the waist that can be worn slightly open at the neckline will work. Along with wrap dresses and dresses with a bias cut or A-line. V or other shaped necklines will flatter your bust and add definition. Choose dresses with minimal details above the waist. Try to avoid maxi dresses with long flowing skirts, this can over power your narrow hips and waist. Also avoid straight cut shift dresses and dropped waistlines. These will both bring attention to your narrow hips and not create that illusion of balance. 


Go for trousers and jeans that fit well and are low to mid rise. High waisted styles can draw attention up to your bust. Cargo pants are great with pockets and zips giving extra volume. Flat fronted trousers work and so do wide legs only if you are tall enough to carry it off. You can go all out with print, colour and pattern to draw attention down the body and away from the bust. Try to avoid dark colours on your lower half as they will make you appear even narrower. Skinny style will work as long as you keep the top half of your body with minimal detail. 


You will look amazing in skirts. Choose waisted style that will show off that waist of yours. You can go all out with volume choosing pleats, structure and flowing skirts. Full circle and a-line skirts are also fab on you. Go for knee to midi length as maxi or gypsy skirts can be too overpowering. Bias cut and fishtail skirts also look amazing on you, giving you extra width across the hips. Tight pencil skirts will work if you keep the top half of your body minimal. 


When choosing tops it’s so important to make sure it fits, excess fabric and darts in the wrong places can add extra volume. Use neat shaping to define your bust, highlight and flatter it. Keep the colour dark or muted and pattern minimal. Scoop necks and v necks work well giving definition. Try to avoid high necklines and puffy shoulders that will add extra volume to the bust. Also avoid horizontal lines and fluid shapes that hang off the bust and don’t fit at the waist. 


For coats and jackets go for narrow lapels and minimal detailing on the top. Neat, structured, semi fitted styles work well along with single breasted. Simple sleeves will  also help create the illusion of balance. Avoid wide lapels, slouchy shoulders and double breasted styles which will all add volume to your top half. 


It is essential for you to invest in great underwear to give you maximum support and lift. Underwired bras with wide straps and wearing the correct size will make such a difference on how your clothes look and hang. 


You can choose whatever footwear you like and reflects your personality. Mid heel will work very well to lengthen the appearance of your legs as will pointy toes. 


Choose your jewellery carefully. Go for statement earrings paired with a bangle or bracelet to draw eyes away from the bust. Shorter necklaces do work, again drawing the eyes up but try to avoid statement necklaces. If you have a short waistline a belt worn around the waist can add volume to the bust, it's best to wear it lower down on your hips. Try to avoid scarves with detail that will add volume to the bust.

I always say these are 'tools not rules'.

Not all strawberry shaped bodies are the same so you may find some of these rules don't apply to you personally. 

The most important thing is that you feel good in what you wear. If you feel good it shows!

If you have any questions please do feel free to contact me, I'm always happy to help - Karen xx 

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