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Spring colours are colours in their truest form. They are clear, bright and crisp so you can have a lot of fun with them. 


Spring personalities tend to be naturally outgoing and sociable. They are optimists who enjoy change and new challenges. This can sometimes lead to you taking on more than you can manage. Springs also tend to look a lot younger than their years and have a youthful attitude to match, they are curious and have a desire to learn. They are friendly, good humoured, witty and good conversationalists. 


Your warm skin tone best suits yellow gold jewellery, especially when it’s worn close to the face. Coloured gems in turquoise, red or bright green look stunning on you. Pearls can also create a beautiful classic look. 


If you colour your hair go for warm highlights or lowlights, these will flatter your face and give you that warm glow. Never go for ash tones this will have the opposite affect. 


Choose accessories that are tan, gold, camel, grey and off white. These will  compliment all the spring colours that you wear perfectly. 


Stick to foundation with a warm yellow or golden base. This will compliment your skin and you will continue to glow. Either peach or beige will work. Stay away from rose or pink as these will clash with the warm undertones of your skin. 


Blushers can be shades of peach or apricot. The darker the skin the deeper you can go with the shade but keep a warm yellow or golden base (not pink) to compliment your warm tones.


For eye make up try and avoid black unless you have very dark features and dark hair. Opt for grey eyeliners that will make your eyes pop, not brown as it will make your eyes look red. Mascara should be brown or black/brown unless you are dark haired then use black. Green eye shadow can look amazing, just make sure it has a yellow undertone as opposed to a darker brown or black. Purple eye shadow can also look striking and make the eyes pop


Highlighters are best in shades of peach, cream or soft yellow. Again with a warm yellow base not pink.


Lips can be red, peachy, pink or coral. See your colour fan for inspiration, if you are a fan of a bold lip or something a bit more subtle then there are some great shades in there for you. Chose a strength and shade that suits your features and personality. 


  • Wear black as much as you like on the lower half of your body. Black worn like this can have a slimming effect. Just try not to wear it near to your face such as polo necks and crew necks. 

  • If you wear black on top wear it in a scoop or v-neck so that your natural skin tone will reflect up against your face maintaining your natural glow. 

  • Wear make up in the tones that flatter your skin, this will help to distract from any shadows that black might throw onto your face. A pop of colour on the lips or eyes can make a huge difference. 

  • Wear scarves in your spring colours over the top of black clothes and close to your face to brighten up your skin and give you that youthful glow. 

  • Wear gold jewellery over the top of the black item, such as a statement necklace so this helps to stop the black reflecting upon your face. 

  • If you are wearing a black jacket make sure you put on a top in one of your spring colours to break it up. 

  • If you want to still wear your favourite LBD pop a jacket, blazer or pashmina over the top in an a spring colour to distract from the black. It can also give an old faithful dress an instant update.

If you do have a lot of black in your existing wardrobe or colours that aren't in your spring palette the good news is you can still wear them. The trick is knowing how to wear them so that you can keep the healthy glow that your spring colours give you. 

Most importantly have fun trying out all the colours in your spring palette. Remember you can mix any of the colours together they all compliment each other perfectly and enjoy all those compliments that start coming your way. 

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