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If The Shoe Doesn't Fit

One thing I hear a lot from the ladies I meet is that they want to use my services but they are just waiting to lose weight first, or they book a session with me for a few months in the future and say ‘I should have lost a few pounds by then’. I totally 'get' this, but listen up.

I remember feeling this way when I was trying to lose my baby weight, all 4.5 stone of it. My new body didn’t fit in my maternity clothes OR my pre-baby clothes. However, I didn’t want to spend out on clothes as I had no intention of staying that size. 

I can’t remember what I wore in that interim stage but I remember being miserable every day when I got dressed for a good 6 months. In fact it wasn’t just when I got dressed, it was the whole day as I just felt rubbish in my clothes. 

One day something snapped, I bit the bullet and went and bought some new clothes. Yes, they were a bigger size than I wanted them to be but do you know what, I instantly felt better. I felt more like me again and I started to get compliments from friends and family. I started to get excited about getting dressed, my mood lifted and I was a lot happier in myself. 

Life is happening right now. It won’t wait for you and life is way too short to wear clothes that don’t make you happy. You deserve to feel good every day. I wouldn’t wish how I felt back then on anyone. I guess what I’m saying is ‘Don’t use style as a reward for losing weight’ Everybody deserves to be stylish regardless of size. 

Plus when you learn how to dress for YOUR body shape you realise there’s nothing wrong with your body IT’S THE CLOTHES. 

If a shoe doesn’t fit we don’t blame our feet, we blame the shoe. So why blame your body when the clothes don’t fit? It’s always the clothes that need to change not you. 

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