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Pear shaped bodies generally take a smaller size on top, meaning the top half of your body will be be narrower than the bottom half. You will have fuller hips and thighs, a rounded bottom and a gorgeous narrow waist. 

Very few of us have a naturally proportioned shape but with clever dressing and by following the tips below you will create the illusion of proportion enabling you to dress with confidence. 

With a pear shaped body the trick is to keep your lower half plain without obvious patterns and in darker or muted colours. Then go all out on top with your seasonal colours, prints, patterns, frills, large lapels, sleeves but remember not to hide that slim waist of yours. 


One of the first rules of styling is that dark colours have a slimming effect and lighter colours add volume so try and stick to the formula of dark colours below the waist and your seasonal colours above.


Go for dresses that add volume above the waist but glide over your hips and don’t cling. Shirt dresses with an a-line skirt will look gorgeous on you, in fact all a-line dresses will flatter you, drawing attention to your narrow waist. Choose dresses with detail and embellishments on the top half and the bottom half as plain as possible. Try to avoid sheath dresses or dresses with a bias cut. Avoid ruffles and tiers on the lower half of the dress as this will add volume. 


Stick to high waisted jeans and trousers in dark colours. These will draw attention to your waist and give you a slim silhouette. Wide leg trousers are really flattering, make sure they flare out from the waist rather than cling to the hips. Choose flat fronted trousers and avoid embellished, large buttons, zips, rivets and decorative pockets that draw attention on the hips and thighs. Skinny style jeans or trousers work as long as you add colour and detail to your top half to balance it out. 


Skirts look amazing on pear shaped bodies. Choose waisted skirts that skim over your hips and flare out. You can go for some volume in your skirts with either structure of full flowing skirts. A-line and full circle skirts look amazing and so can maxi and gypsy skirts as long as they are not too full skirted adding more volume than necessary. Try to avoid pleats, bias cut and fishtail, they will add extra curves. Pencil skirts will work but only if there is a lot of detail on the top half particularly on the shoulders. 


You can have so much fun with tops. Choose tops in your seasonal colours with pattern, print and embellishments. Just don’t hide your slim waist in baggy tops. You can choose striking necklines to highlight your bust such as sweetheart, scoop, asymmetrical, square, boat or bardot. Try to avoid v-necks that are too low if you have a smaller bust. Puff shoulders work really well and add volume on top. But avoid spaghetti straps and dainty collars or lapels on shirts and blouses as these will make you look narrow on top. You can add layers too such as shrugs or gilets to give you extra volume on top to create that illusion of balance. 


For coats and jackets you can go all out with wide lapels. Structured shoulders and double breasted look amazing. Go for structured jackets with details on the top half. If you go for a long coat keep the bottom half plain. Macs that tie at the waist and flare out and skim the hips look fantastic. Avoid coats without a fitted waist and with small lapels or collars. Voluminous sleeves look great too and so do details like a faux fur collar.


Great underwear is essential. Always choose an underwired bra. A push up or padded bra can give extra shape if you need it. Control pants are a godsend, giving that sliming illusion on your lower half and no lines. 


Shoes, boots and sandals with a medium heel height will lengthen your legs and slim your hips and thighs.


You can have so much fun with accessories. Use belts to emphasise that slim waist of yours. But never a low slung belt as this will widen your hips. Use statement jewellery such as chunky necklaces and earrings to draw the eye up to your top half. You can add colour and pattern with a scarf in your seasonal colours.

I always say these are 'tools not rules'.

Not all pear shaped bodies are the same so you may find some of these rules don't apply to you personally. 

The most important thing is that you feel good in what you wear. If you feel good it shows!

If you have any questions please do feel free to contact me, I'm always happy to help - Karen xx 

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