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Hourglass shaped bodies are the same size on top and bottom with the hips and bust measurements being pretty much identical. You are one of the lucky ones with a fully proportioned body. You may be a slim or a curvy hourglass but either way you will have curves on both your bust and hips usually with a flatfish tummy and a killer waist. 

For an hourglass figure the trick to dressing is to make sure that everything fits you well. Shapeless baggy clothes will hide that wonderful figure of yours. You want to show off those amazing curves and waist. If items of clothing don’t fit well they can add bulk. It’s often worth having clothes altered to ensure they fit you properly, especially with investment pieces.


One of the first rules of styling is that dark colours have a slimming effect and lighter colours add volume so just be mindful where you place colours on your body and to make sure you maintain a balanced silhouette. 



Go for dresses that are fitted making sure they nip in at the waist and flatter your curves. Tailored dresses will look amazing, so will wrap dresses and belted shirt dresses. Try and avoid empire line dresses or straight shift dresses as these will hide your waist and just sit on your hips. Striking necklines on dresses will look amazing on you and flatter your bust. Try sweetheart necklines, v- necks and scoop necks. If you have a bigger bust avoid ruffles, pleats, rouching, bows and lots of extra detailed above the waist. You can often make a shapeless dress work for you just by adding a belt as long as the dress does not have too much excess material which could add unwanted volume. 


Most styles of trousers will suit you. Stick with high waisted and add a contrasting belt to show off your amazing waist and emphasise your curves. Wide leg trousers and boot cut jeans will look great on you as they will balance out your curves. Try and avoid trousers with zips, or bulky pockets on the hips as these will unbalance your top half. As you have slim legs skinny jeans and slim leg trousers will also look amazing on you. If you have bulky thighs then by getting jeans with a small amount of elastine in will flatter and sculpt your curves. 


Skirts will also look amazing on you and show off your figure. Pencil skirts look great. Just make sure all skirts sit on your waistline and not on your hips. A-line and full circle will also look good, just try and avoid too much flounce in the skirt as it will hide your curves. Bias cut and fish tail won’t work too well as it will throw your top half off balance by adding extra curves. 


It’s really important that your tops fit and flatter you. Try to avoid baggy tops,  straight fitting tops or tops with a high neckline. Tops with v or square necks, scoop necks or sweetheart necklines look stunning on you. If you are busty keep away from too much detail on bust area. A fitted cardigan with the top buttons undone can look amazing too.


Coats that are structured, tailored and nip in at the waist look amazing on you. Belted coats and trenches were made for you. Shapeless or baggy styles won’t work for you and double breasted jackets will just add bulk and hide your curves. Cropped waisted jackets look great and so do fitted blazers that button under the bust. 


Make sure you always wear a well fitted bra to show your curves in the best light. Balconette style bras are ideal with lower cut necklines and seamless underwear will glide over curves. If you have a pronounced tummy shape wear or magic knickers will make the world of difference and give you the confidence to show off that waist of yours. 


Any heel height will work for you. Go with rounder toes to suit the curves of your body if you want to be really particular. 


Most accessories will look fantastic on you. Try to avoid low necklaces that sit directly on the bust as these will detract from your streamlined silhouette. And angular jewellery will detract from your curves. Belts worn on your waistline are your best friend so are bright contrasting belts will show off that killer waist of yours. 

I always say these are 'tools not rules'.

Not all hourglass shaped bodies are the same so you may find some of these rules don't apply to you personally. 

The most important thing is that you feel good in what you wear. If you feel good it shows!

If you have any questions please do feel free to contact me, I'm always happy to help - Karen xx 

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