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Apple shaped bodies are generally in proportion but tend to carry their weight around their mid section with no real defined waistline. You will have a fuller bust and fabulous legs. 

You want to create an illusion of balance by defining and highlighting your bust and showing off your hip line and amazing legs. 


One of the first rules of styling is that dark colours have a slimming effect and lighter colours add volume so try and be mindful as to where you place colours to ensure you create a balanced silhouette. Wearing all one colour will really work for you as it can lengthen and elongate your body.



Choose dresses that are empire line or bias cut that flare out from under your bust. Straight cut shift and tunic dresses also look amazing. Dresses with details around the neck and hem line draw the eyes to your fabulous legs and bust. Wrap dresses also look amazing and dresses with a lower neckline that draw attention to the bust. Avoid dresses with bows, belts or any details around the waist. Be careful with clingy jersey or flouncy material that will add volume. 


For jeans and trousers you can go with skinny and fitted styles that shows off your legs. Flat fronted and semi low rise trousers will work best. Boot cut and flares will help give that illusion of proportion. Styles with a little bit of stretch will make your legs look amazing. Try to avoid high waisted styles that will add bulk to your middle. Also avoid pleats and gathering around the waist as this will add volume. 


You will look amazing in skirts, adding detail to your lower half will draw the eye downwards and show off your legs. Go for skirts in colour and print depending on your personality. Calf or knee length skirts will be most flattering, too short can alter the proportions. You can experiment with interesting hemlines and embellishments. Bias cut will also look fabulous on you. Try to avoid skirts with details too close to the waistline and also skirts with a fitted waistline. 


Choose tops that have a lower or embellished neckline, v-necks work well flattering your bust. Waterfall details and vertical stripes will look gorgeous on you. Tops with shoulder and sleeve details are also very flattering on you. Tops and tunics that finish on the hips will wok best, long tops will shorten your body. Avoid bulky knits and round neck t shirts, these will not flatter your bust. Fitted styles and horizontal stripes should also be avoided. Layering of tops works so well for your shape. A waterfall cardigan over a tunic top can look stunning. Fine fabrics work best too. 


Jackets and coats look fabulous worn open on you creating a streamlined effect. Single breasted jackets are best or jackets that are semi fitted with v-necklines. A jacket that buttons below the bust such as an empire line is also perfect on you. Jackets are most flattering when they finish on the hipline. Short jackets can look too boxy on you. Long jackets look stunning and will elongate your silhouette, again worn open will streamline your figure. Also avoid puffer jackets and gilets which will add bulk to your upper half. 


Good underwear is essential for you. A supportive underwired bra will give your bust great shape and lift. Make sure it fits correctly too giving you the support you need. Body shapers also work wonders, make sure it goes higher than your waist. The ones that finish just under the bust are the most flattering. 


Draw attention to your fabulous legs with statement shoes. Go as high as you like, go for colour, print, embellishment. High heels and pointy toes will elongate your body too. 


You can also have so much fun with accessories. Go for chunky statement necklaces that finish above the bust and draw the eye up. Statement earrings also work in the same way. Bags with a long shoulder strap that finish on the hips are most flattering too. You can also have so much fun with beautiful patterned scarves, worn hung loosely will streamline your figure and lengthen your torso. Avoid waist belts and long line necklaces that finish below the bust, you want to draw the attention up not down. 

I always say these are 'tools not rules'.

Not all apple shaped bodies are the same so you may find some of these rules don't apply to you personally. 

The most important thing is that you feel good in what you wear. If you feel good it shows!

If you have any questions please do feel free to contact me, I'm always happy to help - Karen xx 

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