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Knowing your body shape and what flatters you is such a revelation. It’s like a light bulb moment where you realise there’s nothing wrong with your body, it’s the clothes, they are just not right for your shape.  When dressing the aim is to make sure you have a balanced silhouette ensuring that your top half is equal to your bottom half. Keep this in mind when choosing an outfit, if your top half is bigger that your bottom half keep the top half plain and go all out with colour print and volume on the bottom and vice versa if your bottom half is bigger. By knowing your body shape you can learn how to dress to create an illusion of balance and also how to hide the bits you don’t love and show off the parts you do. I include a body shape analysis in with most of my services. Honestly it’s life changing and helps you to really dress confidently. 



Don’t be tempted to buy clothes that don’t fit on the intention that you will lose weight or can shrink them in the wash. They will just stay hanging in your wardrobe un-worn as they just wont feel right when you go to wear them. When trying on clothes look at things like; shoulder seams are they sitting on your shoulders? Are the legs and arms long enough and hems finishing where they should? Do they still fit when you sit down or bend your arms? When trying things on move around in them like you would do when you wear them. Also check for any excess fabric in places that will add bulk to your silhouette or that the buttons do up without gaping. These are all such important details. If something is too large but you love it then find yourself a great tailor who can do alterations for you, this is always worth doing with investment pieces. 



I always say you should dress for how you want to feel not how you actually feel. Clothes can be so empowering and can enhance your mood if you’re wearing the right thing. If you know what you are doing the next day then plan your outfit the night before including accessories, plan for how you want to feel, the image you want to portray and what you want to achieve. This can prevent you from making mistakes and results in an outfit that’s well put together, making you feel put together. If there’s an event that’s important to you, whether it be personal or professional, plan even further ahead. A great source of inspiration can be pinterest. You can create a mood board for that event to make sure you really get it right. 



Tiny details make such a difference to clothes and outfits. Just simple things like contrasting coloured buttons on shirt or a simple Breton that has a different colour round the cuffs . Simple but effective details that have been considered can make an outfit or a piece of clothing look more expensive and just elevate it. Look for little details like this when buying clothes and also make sure you consider the details when putting an outfit together. Add touches to your outfit that will add interest and make it look unique. For example roll up the cuffs of a denim denim jacket, turn up the collars on a shirt, do a French tuck with a top, tie a scarf to bag or have socks poking out under ankle boots that match another part of your outfit. The list is endless and these details just stop your outfit from looking plain and take it to the next level. 




Accessories are the final touch and such a great way to show your personality and style. Shoes, bags, belts, scarves, hats, glasses and jewellery take any outfit from good to ‘WOW’ . It’s a simple way to elevate any outfit and by adding those finishing touches also creates a more polished look. If you have a great waist that needs showing off consider wearing a belt that contrasts with your outfit to draw attention to it. Also take into consideration the parts of your body you want to draw attention to and from when using accessories. If you are using a statement piece that’s the first place other peoples eyes will fall when they look at you so you can use it draw attention to an area or way from it.  Also consider shoes and bags that will compliment the colour and tone of your clothes you can match or clash, gone are the days of matching your handbag and shoe colour. 


I just want to leave you with one final word. Only wear what you love. If you love something it shows and that confidence will shine through. 


If you have ever considered using a personal stylist but don’t know where to start I offer a free style consultation call to help you decide which service is for you.  - Karen xx 


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