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Style isn't just about the clothes you wear, it's about how your clothes make you feel. The secret to looking great is to feel fantastic in what you wear, and that's where I come in, to help you discover your personal style and make you feel incredible in your clothes. I offer a bespoke range of styling services that will help you identify your style. From colour and body shape analysis, to wardrobe edits and personal shopping experiences. I will show you how to dress to feel amazing in what you wear every day or for special occasions. I will assist you to achieve that perfect wardrobe and help you find your confidence to be your best self. My passion is not just for clothes and fashion it's for making you feel good about yourself.  

I am based in Hertfordshire and cover all of Herts and London. Get in touch now and take that first step in finding the new you. 

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Discover Your Personal Style 


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What My Clients Say  

Rebecca - Tring 

Karen has transformed my wardrobe and my confidence - she is amazing! She made me feel comfortable and really understood what I needed. I loved all the clothes she picked for me and they made me feel like me again. I cannot recommend her enough 

Victoria - St Albans

Karen was amazing, she completely transformed my wardrobe! She reorganised everything and put outfits together out of my existing clothes that I never would have thought of. It was so satisfying and I can now see all the lovely clothes that I already have and I know what suits me.

Claire - Watford

I had such a great evening at a colour party with Karen, she gave us all so much helpful information and advice - I feel so enlightened.  I have been complimented on my outfits everyday since. I will never get bored of hearing 'that colour looks great on you'. 

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Get all the latest style news and offers straight to your inbox