Slender shaped bodies are the same size on top as they are on the bottom. You are one of the lucky ones with a fully proportioned body shape and a lovely slim figure to match. 

Ladies with a slender body shape can generally wear most styles of clothes. If you want to create an illusion of curves then the information below will help you achieve this and dress with confidence. 

One of the first rules of styling is that dark colours have a slimming effect and lighter colours add volume so try and be mindful as to where you place colours to ensure that  you create a balanced silhouette. Just remember to keep the balance between your top and bottom half equal so if you go for volume on your top half match it on the bottom half. 


Most dresses will look great on you. If you do want to add some curves bias cut or a shift dress with shape will look great. Try and avoid shift dresses with no shape or baggy styles as these may swamp you and not give you any shape at all. Dresses with a full, straight or tulip skirt will look fabulous too and dresses with a halter neck or slash neck will also look gorgeous, try to avoid spaghetti straps as these won’t create a curve. Dresses with a dropped waist are a great way to create a curve at the hip line. 


Slim or skinny jeans and trousers were made for you. Low, medium or high rise will all work. If you want to add some curves go for jeans with details on the bottom or hips. Flowing trousers will also work and look incredibly elegant. If you are tall flares and palazzo style trousers will also look amazing. 


Your fabulous legs were also made for skirts so show them off as much as you feel comfortable and go for shorter hemlines. A-line skirts will give you more shape if that’s what you desire. Curve creating pencil skirts, tulip and pleated skirts will also look fabulous. If you are tall very full and gypsy skirts will also work but be careful if you are petite as these will swamp you. 


Most tops will work well for you. You are one of the few people who can wear a polo neck well. You can layer tops to create an illusion of curves. Frills, ruffles, bows, puff shoulders and pleats will all work well for you. Tops with round necks, slash necks, high and halter necks also work well.  Avoid baggy tops and tunics that will swamp you and not give you a waist. 


You will look gorgeous in a structured coat that highlights your waist. Stick with sharp tailored jackets and coats that nip in at the waist. For shorter jackets go for ones that finish at the hips to create a curve but are structured not straight. Try and avoid slouchy jackets that will drown your lean frame. 


When it comes to lingerie a good bra with excellent support will make your bust appear fuller. Try to avoid t shirt bras as they don’t give enough boost. A corset will give you killer curves and various shape wear can also be used to create bottom curves and a seam free silhouette if that's what you require.


As for shoes any style of shoe will suit you. Your slender frame is the only one that can get away with ankle straps so go for it and wear what ever footwear you choose.


When it comes to accessories such as jewellery and bags; think subtle and elegant, angular and modern or detailed and layered to flatter your silhouette. 

always say these are 'tools not rules'.

Not all slender shaped bodies are the same so you may find some of these rules don't apply to you personally. 

The most important thing is that you feel good in what you wear. If you feel good it shows!

If you have any questions please do feel free to contact me, I'm always happy to help - Karen xx