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This Season’s Best Dresses for Daytime

Dresses aren't just for summer and nor should they be saved for best!

Over the last 6 months it's fair to say our life styles and shopping habits have changed. My wardrobe definitely doesn't match the non existent social life that I have at the moment, but one thing I learnt in lockdown was that dressing up made me feel better.

I'm not talking fancy ballgowns and high heels but on the days I made an effort my mood was lifted. So while we are still living with uncertainty I'm carrying on with the ethos of dopamine dressing and not saving all my dresses for best, but dressing them down for daytime instead.

Here are some of my favourite new season dresses. I like my client‘s wardrobes to work hard for them so I've picked these for their timeless styles, their versatility to work for you through the seasons and their ability to look good dressed up or down. You can wear them now with ankle boots, layer them up for winter with tights and long boots and then swap to trainers or sandals in the spring.

I have done all the hard work for you so you can just shop by your body shape. Just click on the dresses and it will link you through to the websites.


BEST STYLES FOR PEAR SHAPES - You are a smaller size on the top than on the bottom half.

APPLE SHAPE - You have a curvy bust and mid section with amazing legs.

SLENDER - You are a slim build, the same size on top and bottom. You can pretty much wear any of these dresses in any of the sections but if you desire curves these would be best suited.

HOURGLASS - You are the same size on top and bottom with a curvy bust and hips and a slim waist.

STRAWBERRY - You are a smaller size on your bottom half than you are on the top.

In the interest of honesty some are affiliated links which means I will earn a small percentage

of commission if you do buy through the links.

If you are not sure of your body shape I offer body shape analysis with all of my shopping services including E-styling. I also offer a free style consultation call if you are not sure which service is for you. I'm always happy to chat all things fashion and style.

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