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This year has brought many challenges and difficulties to all of us.

Lockdown and numerous restrictions means that many small businesses have had to close their doors again. If there's ever a time to shop small it's now.

So I've compiled some my top picks from some of my favourite independent businesses and boutiques. Just click on the photos and they will direct you straight to the website so you can find out more.

And what they say is true; Every time you buy from a small business an actual person really does do a little happy dance!

The Dress & Jumpsuit Edit

Just because our social lives are pretty much non existent at the moment it doesn't mean we can't wear dresses, dressing up really does help to lift your mood. I've picked these for their versatility, they can be dressed up or down and also taken through the seasons.

The Bag Edit

For when lockdown is over and we get to leave the house, these are perfect bags that will elevate your look.

The Sweatshirt Edit

Perfect for all the extra time we are spending at home at the moment. Dress down with jeans, or pair with a skirt if you want to dress up a little.

The Jewellery Edit

Because we all deserve a little treat now and again.

The T-Shirt Edit

Perfect for layering, working from home or relaxed weekends.

The Cosy Knit Edit

You can't go wrong with a cosy knit at this time of year. There are so many gorgeous styles and colours to choose from at the moment too.

The Skirt Edit

I saved the best until last. I love skirts for their versatility, I wear them in the summer with tees and trainers and then in the winter with boots and jumpers. They are the hardest working item in my wardrobe and definitely worth the investment.

Happy Shopping!

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