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Summer holidays are back and whether that means a staycation or you are heading overseas holidays usually mean some time in swimwear. Some of us might not even bat an eyelid at the thought of wearing or shopping for swimwear but for others it can bring shear panic and dread.

We've all been there when it comes to swimwear shopping: we've found some styles we like on the rails, we head into the changing room full of anticipation only to see ourselves close up pretty much naked and under the most unflattering light! It's enough to bring even the most confident to their knees. So what do we do? We leave empty handed vowing not to eat anything but lettuce leaves until we go on holiday.

First of all, there is nothing wrong with YOUR body. Everybody has a bikini body, you just need to put a bikini on your body and voila! Secondly there is no age limit to bikinis, you can wear them at any age. So whether you're a fan of bikinis or swimsuits just wear what makes you feel good, happy and confident and sod what others think - life's too short.

The trick to shopping for swimwear is, like all items of clothing, find the swimsuit or bikini that works for YOUR body shape. Don't be sucked in by trends, stick to what works for you and own it. Here's my top picks of current swimwear for all shapes and sizes whether it's a bikini or a swimsuit for Croatia or Cornwall I've got it covered. As always just click on the photo and it will take you directly to the product.


Always buy swimwear by cup size, never dress size, that way you can be sure of a good supportive fit. Try to keep the details on the top half of your swimwear minimal and go for styles that will separate and define your bust and most importantly support.


If you crave a bigger bust then go for bikinis with shape and padding to add curves where needed. Also details like ruffles, print or embellishment on the bust will help add volume.


If you have curvy hips or bottom and you're smaller on top the trick is to go for darker colours on the bottom and add detail to your top half. The clever use of vertical lines on your bottom half will also help slim down a curvy midsection. A high rise bottom will also draw the attention upwards to the waist creating a beautiful silhouette.


If you have a slender body shape and crave curves all over then add details to your swimwear such as ruffles and prints. Horizontal lines are also a great way to create an illusion of curves as are lighter colours. Low rise bottoms that sit on the hips will also work in your favour.


The stomach has to be the area of our bodies that I hear the most complaints about. There are some great options for swimwear out there now with hidden control panels and often just taking the bottoms of your bikini a little higher will be all you need to flatter your shape.

Don't forget when you are on that beach no one is looking at you, they are all too busy worrying about how they look. Just enjoy your holiday, create some amazing memories and enjoy the sunshine.

If swimwear shopping still fills you with dread then do get in touch, I would love to help. My Personal Shopping Service could be just what you need to get you beach ready this year.

In the interest of honesty this blog does contain some affiliate links.

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